APRIL 18TH 2019

Alexela Concert Hall

Bob Hoffman

Delusional: How Marketers Waste Billions on Fraud and Fairy Tales

Marketers are living in a fantasyland. It’s a fantasyland in which consumers want to “join the conversation” about brands; a fantasyland in which people want to “engage” with our content; a fantasyland in which consumers are clamoring for “more relevant advertising;” a fantasyland in which the assertions of “experts” carry more weight than the facts. This talk exposes the fantasies and explains how they are costing marketers billions.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Skin in the Game: How to Live under Uncertainty, and Love it!

Why surgeons should not look like surgeons? Why do few people impose their preferences? Why are scars good for you? Why you should ignore (most) intellectuals? How do you invest, buy diamonds, write books or lecture classes?

Linda Liukas

Misfits, machines and make-believe

How do we navigate the new frontiers of technology in an increasingly digitised world? If every company is going to be a software company, what does this mean for your company or you as an individual? 

Sten Tamkivi

Work Everywhere: a Job Is Not a Place Anymore

Sten spends his days at Topia building software for organizations and people who are living the future of work, roaming the planet between offices, projects and customers. In this session Sten zooms out to bring some sense into the megatrend of more agile workforce and people moving around the world at increasing pace, and discusses the impact of this change from the perspective of individuals, companies and entire countries.


Nir Eyal

Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

Ever get the feeling you’re bombarded with too many pings, dings, and rings? You’re not alone. In an age of ever-increasing distraction, technological and otherwise, how can knowledge workers do their best work?

Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, wrote the book on the secret psychology of technology. However, in this talk, Nir provides the antidote to the current distraction crisis.

Nir shares the findings of his five years of research into how to master what he calls, "the skill of the century," the power to be "Indistractable." Nir's entertaining, research-backed talk, provides practical advice and memorable strategies for managing distraction in business and life.

Robert Pajos

How to Hire a Bodyguard in Colombia: Leadership Lessons from Different Cultures

Robert Pajos is the freshly appointed CEO of Telia Eesti. He has most unique experience of top-level management in tech sector in very different cultural contexts. He has been living and working in United States, Russia, Sweden, Colombia, Brazil, and now Estonia. This gives him a unique perspective on how differently people and companies operate across globe. He will share his colorful experiences for the first time with Estonian audience.

Kristi Saare

Power Change in Pension Pillars? Where to Next for Tuleva?

Entrepreneurship based on joint activities is changing the views of Estonian society on pension accumulation. How did we get here? How can we use this experience in other important areas? What silently adopted principles can we still critically reconsider and therefore be more successful than until now?


A Finnish programmer and children’s writer Linda Liukas expects the new type of people to bring joy and play to the somewhat poisonous field of technology.

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Moderator: Yrjö Ojasaar

Moderator: Kaidi Ruusalepp

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